Tigers vs Yankees Tickets August 7, 2014

Tigers vs Yankees tickets are on sale for the game August 7, 2014. Buy your tickets at the Official Ticket Exchange safely in advance.

Today there are 4,229 ticket listings offered from $8 to $8,069 each on the Official Ticket Exchange. Suite tickets are the most expensive tickets to the Tigers at Yankees game August 7th. The cheapest Suite tickets are Legends Suite tickets for around $1,100.

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Tigers vs Yankees Tickets August 7, 2014

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Bob Dylan live

Bob Dylan live Vienna, VA – Wolf Trap Aug 1997 – photo by Dale Loflin

Bob Dylan live, a beautiful cool summer night at Wolf Trap in Vienna, VA, just another night for Bob, but a memorable historical experience for me. The show opened with Ani Difranco, a new rising star. When Bob took the stage, he launched into Absolutely Sweet Marie (*see full setlist) and I knew what kind of night it would be. And it was, a perfect night with friends and family, a night when Bob Dylan was on, his voice was on, and the band was electrified.

Some of the crowd was not into it so much. A lot of baby boomers brought their children. It seemed the parents were there to see the legend they’d heard of and show their kids. And the parents around me who did like Dylan, pit and front row, were still not appreciative at the moment of what they were experiencing, Bob Dylan’s voice and repertoire to date, at peak perfection. The few fans that did appreciate what they were experiencing were mesmerized. Bob Dylan was playing Wolf Trap outside DC with some new musicians, Larry Campbell, Bucky Baxters, who recorded with him on Time Out Of Mind. It was his newest and one of his best albums yet. The Wolf Trap show was one of the best concert tickets ever. Shooting Star and Forever Young were both memorable numbers. I had them on cassette I think, but didn’t fast forward to them much. After hearing them live with passion, I played both songs more often, and even more when they were out on CD. Now being played on iTunes.. He played the most rockin version of Silvio I’ve heard to date. It’s a mystery how his voice sings a repetitive tune and makes every verse sound different and interesting.

The staff tried to take my camera. This was well before Youtube. Bob was cordial enough for photographers, Bob just never liked flash photography in his shows. They blinded him. So this was taken into the light without flash, then enhanced and lightened with Photoshop Elements.

His timeless music mellows better than wine as it ages and gets rediscovered and replayed in different tempos. He’ll record a song as a ballad, reintroduce it later as a march, turn it into a roomba until it’s tangled up in blue.

A large group of leftover Deadheads were in the parking lot just listening to the music. Didn’t see them come into the show. Maybe the sound was better out there. It was fantastic down close, but the further the sound carried, the sweeter the air sounded and smelled.

Music Legends Make History At Ball Park

I saw Bob Dylan live in Greensboro, NC years later when he opened the First Horizon Ball Park. Willie Nelson was on with his son Lukas before Bob. It was a small intimate ballpark show where I stood at the stage with my son watching Willie and his son Lukas warm up. Just the four of us. Willie gave us an affirming nod putting his arm around Lukas. After Willie Nelson’s set started, the crowd realized they could come down to the stage with us and we were mobbed by partying concert revelers who probably don’t remember what they missed. Willie sounded like the records, precise and on time. Crazy.., Mommas.., Whiskey River..,

I still can see Bob and Willie’s caravan of Land Yachts everytime I drive by the scoreboard at Grasshoppers Park (former First Horizon).

DigTriad.com did a short story June 2005. Submit a link if you have any pictures or videos!

More pictures to be added..


August 23, 1997. Wolf Trap

1. Absolutely Sweet Marie
2. Man in the Long Black Coat
3. Tough Mama
4. Under the Red Sky
5. Silvio
6. Stone Walls
7. Mr. Tambourine Man
8. Tangled Up in Blue
9. Stuck Inside of Mobile
10. Blind Willie McTell
11. Leopard Skin Pill Box Hat
12. Like A Rolling Stone
13. Don’t Think Twice
14. Alabama Getaway

LADY GAGA Tickets Pepsi Center

LADY GAGA Tickets Pepsi Center

LADY GAGA Tickets Pepsi Center are available now at ticketsnow and Ticket Liquidator.

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Falcons vs Packers Tickets 12/8/2014

Falcons vs Packers Game 12/8/2014 - Atlanta Falcons return on the same date this year as last, December 8th. The game kicks off at 7:30 PM in Lambeau Field.

Last year Matt Flynn gained 258 yards passing yards. Defense caused a 4th Quarter turnover to beat the Falcons in a hairline game 22-21 for their first win in 5 games.

Falcons vs Packers Game Tickets

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Today there are 2446 ticket listings offered from $130 to $651 each for the Falcons at Green Bay Packers game this season.  Your tickets are sold by fans, verified by Ticketmaster and reissued in your name.

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Falcons vs Packers Tickets 12/8/2014

St Louis Blues Tickets

St Louis Blues Tickets | Stanley Cup Playoffs

St Louis Blues have two upcoming Stanley Cup Playoffs games against arch rival Chicago Blackhawks scheduled at home in Scottrade Center. Friday, April 25th 2014 and Tuesday, April 29th.

St Louis Blues Tickets

Today there are 1,691 ticket listings on Ticketsnow offered from $100 to $1,800 each for the game this Friday, April 25, 2014. For the game April 29, 2014, Ticketsnow has 1,798 ticket listings offered from $100 to $2,119 each.

  • Chicago Blackhawks vs St. Louis Blues Game Fri, Apr 25 2014 Round 1 HG3
  • Chicago Blackhawks at St. Louis Blues Game Apr 29 2014 Round 1 HG4

St. Louis Blues Seating

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